Sketches for The Entropic Boudoir

A Word in Your Shell-Like 2021

Miss Margate (Iron Pyrites) 2021

The Director 2021

The Death of All We Once Held Dear

Hairy Vernon Ward

Hairy Vernon Ward (detail)

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Swim Agaric

The Great Unravelling

Shadow Aspect i

The Librarian

The Forager

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Swimming Pools of the Apocalypse


Old Rose

Old Rose ii

Wax Flowers

Wax Flowers (detail) 2023


Germs of a new idea about entropy and ageing:
I propose to create a room called The Entropic Boudoir. On first appearances it is a glamorous bedroom in the ‘Hollywood Regency’ style. Upon closer inspection things are not as they first appear; everything in the room is in a process of deterioration, decay, collapse, crystallisation, calcification, liquification, and other natural transformative processes. There will be a sound collage playing through various speakers in the boudoir, created from amplified recordings of these entropic processes, mixed with a female voice describing the physical decline of her ageing body, the ebb and flow of her vitality, the weakening of her allure. I’ve found this to be a taboo subject in our culture and worthy of personal exploration. The boudoir functions as a metaphor for the changes in her corporeal presence, and every object on the dressing table, and every garment in the wardrobe is part of that story. But there is a metaphor within a metaphor here, as the entropy of this interior is an echo of the collapse of nature and the dying days of our planet.