Tasty Tasty

Rose Tinted Mirror 2024

Tasty Tasty Installation 2024

Tasty Tasty 2024

All Filler 2024

Production Line 2024

Fine Lines 2024

Fine Lines 2024

The Mockery
Mixed Media 2023

The Mockery 2023

Winning at Life 2024

Winning at Life 2024 (detail)
(with condensation!)

Tasty Tasty 2024

Tasty Tasty PV shot
Photo: Tim Topple

Tasty Tasty 2024

Ha Ha 2024

Gender Reveal 2023

Ring Lights (triptych) Belly 2024

Ring Lights (triptych) Back of Hand 2024

Ring Lights (triptych) Triangle of Sadness 2024

Freudian Slip (Au Naturel) 2024

Freudian Slip (Au Naturel) (Detail)2024

Feminine Mystique 2021

Generic Female Beauty 2023

Generic Female Beauty framed 2024

Eye Tassel Mirror 2024

Eyelash Extensions 2022

Tasty Tasty Installation view

Dream Nails 2024

Dream Nails (detail) 2024

Mud Mask (i &ii) 2024

Viewing booth for The Quivering

The Quivering 2024

Tasty Tasty 2024

Ha Ha (install view)

Dress to Impress 2024

Dress to Impress (detail)

Dress to Impress (detail)

'Sharp Gussets' Pharmacy 2024
Collaboration with Gus Sharpe

Luggage Label 2024

Anti-Anti Perspirant 2024

Plasters 2024

Pills 2024

Body Scrub 2024

No One Cares Mirror 2024

Self-Portrait with Mirror 2024

Installion view shot by Ru


A multi-media installation around the theme of beauty and beauty procedures.